KIM Yong Chul

KIM YONG CHUL is the lead performer of SEOP Dance Company’s production of A Man’s Requiem. He is trained broadly in Korean traditional, neo-Korean, and creative dance. Additionally, KIM YONG CHUL has been influenced by other exotic dance methods like Japanese Noh and Kahuki, and Chinese Beijing opera style. KIM YONG CHUL graduated from Keimyung University in South Korea as Dance major, and received his Master of Arts and PhD at Sejong University, with dissertations entitled, “A Study towards the Structural Character and Role of Male Dancers in Korean Dance,” and “A Study towards Archetypal Change and Value-Consciousness of Korean Dance in 20 th Century.” He danced in Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre and choreographed in Gumi City Dance Company, and taught in Sejong, Yong-In, Sangmyung, Keimyung Universites. KIM YONG CHUL won the special prize in Seoul Future Dance Biennale through “Redy Red” in 1997, and was chosen in 2000 as a “Most Promising New Artist” by Arts Council Korea. His work “A Man’s Requiem” was nominated as one of the best 5, in Dance Grand Prix of Korea; best 6, in Dance Critics’ Prize in Korea; Choreographer Prize, by “Performance and Review” magazine; and best 5 of the year, by Dance Library “Yeon-Nak-Jae” In 2010. In 2012, his “Nameless Wind” was the “Excellent Work” in Korean Dance Festival.

KIM YONG CHUL was the “Distinguished Resident Dancer Abroad” by Korean Traditional Arts Foundation, in Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and then went to Kunming, China in 2012, and Beijing, China in 2013, where he taught Korean dance both in traditional and contemporary styles, also learned Chinese ethnic dance.

KIM YONG CHUL is now teaching at the School of Korean Traditional Arts, School of Dance, in Korea National University of Arts. He also remains the artistic director of Seop Dance Company.

SEOP DANCE COMPANY will present the American premiere of the widely celebrated dance entitled “A Man’s Requiem” in November 2014. SEOP DANCE COMPANY was founded in 1992, rooted in the Korean traditional dance and cultural consciousness. The company performs works characterized by lyricism and refinement, and aims to bring dance aesthetics to a new level through dynamic individuality and innovation. The company’s long-term broader goal is be open to other Asian dance cultures and harmonize with them. The diversity and distinction of SEOP DANCE COMPANY led them to perform on the stages of various cities, including Beijing Asia Art Festival in 1998, Shanghai, Guangdong, Taiwan, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, India, Singapore, Philippines, and Germany, to help familiarize international audiences with Korean dance.