Hands Percussion

Hands Percussion (HANDS), is an award-winning Malaysian percussion ensemble with 9 performers, 18 hands creating traditional and contemporary percussion music while preserving their cultural heritage. Adorned with traditional colorful costumes, this high energy ensemble is so admired they are sought across the globe for international art festivals performing extensively in France, Netherlands, Greece, and Belgium.  HANDS commitment to their art has paid off as they have won the Performing Arts Award for Music and overall Grand Award (Anugerah Utama Bakat Muda Selangor) at MBPJ’s Selangor Young Talents’ Awards, 3 awards at the 8th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for Best Group Performance (Instrumental) – ‘GENG’ by Hands Gamelan Group in ‘Kaleidoscope – Hands Drumming Festival 2009’, Best Production Values and Best Music Direction.