White Snake

Once upon a time, a young man fell in love with a beautiful woman. They married and lived happily until her true identity was revealed; she was a magical white snake.

The famous myth has captured imaginations for centuries. This telling turns the classic, ‘love-knows-no-bounds’ tale into a sumptuous visual experience of performance, music, art, song and costume.

The deft hand of Italian dramatist Giacomo Ravicchio places some of Shanghai’s best performers against a backdrop of projected live illustration and traditional imagery. This, along with a blend of Chinese and western music by composer Jeremy Bauer, punctuates and accents the Mandarin narration.

Staged with English subtitles, this is a wonderful introduction to Chinese theatre for all the family.

More Information:

This production of White Snake introduces non-Chinese audiences to a timeless story that is known by all Chinese people from a young age.  White Snake is a cautionary and tragic tale of a man in love with a lady in white.  It is a popular Chinese legend that existed in oral tradition long before any written compilation.  It was written down in various forms between 618 AD during the Tang Dynasty and 1644 AD during the Ching Dynasty.   The story has been presented in a number of major Chinese operas, films and television series.

Once upon a time, a white snake (Suzhen) and a green snake (Greenie) who had magical power in the Mountain Er-mei transformed into two beautiful young ladies, one in white and one in green. Together they meet a man named Xu Xian at the West Lake of Hang-Zhou City and the white snake falls in love with him at first sight.

Through stunning projection design and top notch acting from Shanghai’s best, this story of love and loss culminates in a colorful re-union.

This production is performed in Mandarin with English subtitles.


Serpiente Blanca introduce audiencias no chinas a una historia intemporal conocida por todo el pueblo chino desde una edad temprana. Este cuento con trágico, con moraleja, de un hombre enamorado de una dama de blanco existía en la tradición oral mucho antes de cualquier recopilación escrita. La historia ha sido la base de las principales óperas chinas, películas y series de televisión. Esta producción por Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center aprovecha el impresionante diseño y los mejores actores Shanghai tiene para ofrecer. Se presenta en mandarín con subtítulos en inglés.