Verba Shadow Theatre

VERBA SHADOW THEATRE is an exciting journey into the world of shadows. In a mysterious space may be the most amazing adventures, there is a place for any fantasy. In unexplored planets human shadows live different exciting lives. This fantasy world is called SHADOW SPACE.


The creative team has been performing shadow theater since 2010. They have been finalists of TV talent show format Got Talent “Ukraine Got Talent” in Ukraine, “Minute of Fame” in Russia, “Mam Talent” in Poland, “Das Supertalent” in Germany.

Verba Shadow Theater (then known as “Fireflies”) has performed on numerous local, regional and international scenes, takes part in various festivals, competitions, ceremonies, awards and other activities. The theater was a member of the Closing Ceremony III Odessa International Film Festival, awards ceremony of the International Festival Competition “Choice of the year 2012″, International Festival of Contemporary Art “GogolFest 2012″ Festival, and “Qatar Spring Festival 2013 at the opening ceremony of the Odessa International Film Festival IV.

Verba Shadow Theater is also actively involved in socially significant projects. The theater became the winner of social advertising, initiated by the Foundation “ANTIAIDS” Elena Pinchuk in the International Festival of the actual animation and media arts LINOLEUM 2014.

Main achievements in last year:
-More than 100 theatrical concerts in USA, Romania, China and Ukraine
⁃Finalist of “Romain’s got talent” (Bucharest, Romania)
-Headliners on Jewrovision (Karlsruhe, Germany)
-Winners of France Digital Talent
⁃Show-program in Katara Village for El Adha Festival.(Doha, Qatar)
⁃Main entertainers on Eventex 2016 (Sofia, Bulgaria)
-Main entertainers on Sharjah International Narrator Forum (Sharjah, UAE)
⁃Spacial show on Sabis 130 anniversary. (Beirut, Lebanon)
⁃Storytelling show for (Warsaw, Poland)
⁃Created first in Ukraine children’s shadow theater – “Verba kids”
-Headliners on Sharjah International Book Fair 2016 (Sharjah, UAE)
-Headliners on King Abdulaziz Camel Festival (Saudi Arabia)
-Performers on Lancome presentation (Monaco, France)
-Performers on BITCNI Awards (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
We use our skills in many different ways:
1.Touring around the world with show program «Shadow Space» and show-program «Hollywood» (theatric show).
2.Working in corporate event sphere and giving one of our short performances (galas, ceremonies).
3.Performing with shows that create directly for a concrete event (weddings, birthdays).
4.Creating ads or thematic videos (Ukraine International Airlines, WWF-Vietnam, Maxus, European Championship of Muay Thai 2014).
5.Create inspiring works in any genre («Excellent short» award in Handle Climate Change Film Festival, etc)

影子剧院自2010年起的创意团队创作了火线文稿。这个团队入选了俄罗斯的“Ukraine Got Talent”和“Minute of Fame”,波兰“Mam Talent”和德国的“Das Supertalent”奖的决赛圈。影子剧院的火线文稿在全球的表演艺术中心,艺术节,企业活动和颁奖礼上演出过。影子剧院还是敖德萨国际电影节闭幕式和开幕式的成员。

El equipo creativo de FIREFLIES ha estado creando teatro de sombras desde 2010. El grupo fue uno de los finalistas en “Ucrania Got Talent”, “Minuto de Fama” en Rusia, “Mam Talent” en Polonia y “Das Supertalent” en Alemania. Sombra Teatro Luciérnagas se presenta a nivel internacional en centros de artes escénicas, festivales, eventos corporativos y entregas de premios. El teatro fue un miembro de la Ceremonia de Clausura del Festival Internacional de Cine de Odessa y la ceremonia de apertura del Festival Internacional de Cine de Odessa.