The Shuk

“High-energy, cross-genre band…Having performed in over 30 countries worldwide,The Shuk is one of the leading international music groups.”
– The Jerusalem Post

Since 2008, The Shuk has performed in theatres and festivals in over 30 countries worldwide, using a fusion-esque and diversified musical repertoire consisting of traditional, ethnic, jazz, Jewish, rock, progressive, and world music.

The Shuk brings people of all backgrounds together with the aim of promoting dialogue, mutual respect, and understanding between cultures and people throughout the world.

Yoni Avital
Lead Vocals, Flute, Acoustic Guitar

A native of New York City, Yoni Avital is an international musician, vocalist, producer, performing arts manager and leader of The Shuk. As an artist who has performed across Asia, North & South America, the South Pacific, and Europe – both solo and with The Shuk – Yoni leads The Shuk music group and presents leading artists and performance groups worldwide.

Amongst other notable artists, he has shared the stage with Matisyahu and David Broza and has performed at World Music Festival Chicago (USA), PORTA World Music Festival (LATVIA), Westport Country Playhouse (USA), along with other festivals and theaters in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Germany, Russia, and many other countries.

Yoni’s roots come from both Sephardic and Ashkenazic backgrounds from Eastern Europe, Brazil, Argentina, and Northern Africa as well as a rich lineage of artists & musicians. As an avid cyclist that has cycled across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Israel, he established Ride4Food, an organization whose mission is to raise funds to the needy through cycling the globe.

Eliran Motiuk

A virtuoso pianist and keyboardist, Eliran Motiuk, is considered one of the leading composers in the region. Regularly accompanies a number of choirs in the center of the country and performs with top musicians and artists across genres including Fanga with Hillary Sargeant and the composer and guitarist Amit Sagi.

Performs in the experimental jazz trio Tree of Life together with Gal Motiuk (bass guitar) and Eden Bahar (percussion). Began performing with The Shuk in 2011 and regularly composes and leads the artistic direction of the group’s repertoire and music.

Began playing keyboards at the age of 7 and at 10 took up the trumpet in the Orchestra House of Nahariyah under the leadership of Ariyeh Kfir (z’l) where he later became a music instructor for woodwinds and piano. Studied at the Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem for composition and jazz.

Maor Hai
Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Middle Eastern Saz, Oud

Began playing rock at the age of 16 and then moved onto jazz while finding great interest in flamenco and eventually American folk, country music and blues.

Originally from the north of Israel, Maor is a self-taught musician who performs regularly with some leadings artists and performance groups.

Gal Motiuk
Bass Guitar

From Nahariya, Israel. Studied piano early on, performing together with Nahariya’s Youth Orchestra, later joining the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. He served as a bass guitar player and trombonist in the IDF’s Orchestra. Gal regularly performs in music groups, projects and diverse productions throughout Israel including rock, jazz, funk, world music, fusion, and classical amongst others.He is a prolific instrumentalist who adds youthful energy and creative innovation to The Shuk.

Erez Simon
Percussion, Drums

A musician and composer from Nahariya, has been creating music since the age of eight with his sound engineering talents. He discovered drumming and percussion at a relatively late age when he was 15 when he Percussion, Drums

initially started off in a heavy metal group.Soon after recording his debut album, he began to perform in productions and ensembles of all styles: from rock to jazz, fusion, Latin and more.

Erez is also an accomplished singer which enables him to bridge his two talents on stage.