Fusing technology and biology, Zata Omm’s STEER (in collaboration with Jérôme Delapierre and Navid Navab) uncover imaginary inner worlds. Sensors placed on the dancer’s body create an interplay of sound, light and visuals. Focus and energy shifts between internal and external worlds by modulating the speed and dynamics of the movement. The performance establishes a bridge to a dreamlike state manifesting the hidden world of thought into reality.

Real time motion capture, infrared light and cameras, accelerometer motion sensors and piezoelectric pressure sensors are all used in this performance and highlight the relationship between technology and the body. Inputs from sensors are interpreted real-time by computer software, a sound artist and a visual artist (behind the scenes at every performance) to produce interactive lighting, sounds and visuals that are initiated and generated by the dancer’s movements.

Founded by Artistic Director William Yong, Zata Omm Dance Projects has spent the past decade breaking new ground by collaborating with scientists, artists, and engineers in bold and innovative ways to re-imagine dance for our technological age.

The company is in a state of constant development with on-going artistic research to explore the artistic climate, reflect contemporary culture and lead the emerging artistic trends. Zata Omm’s objective is to create multidisciplinary contemporary dance works using meaningful integration of dance, technology and other art forms as a broader culture on stage in order to provide an alternative way of seeing our world which facilitates our exploration and understanding of the human condition.