KIM Yong Chul
SEOP Dance Company

Approachable yet thought-provoking – and thoroughly enjoyable for newcomers to and veterans Both of contemporary dance – “A Man’s Requiem” explores the powerful notion of a sinner’s judgment day. It’s a modern, ritualistic expression of the Korean Buddhist / Christian belief system you will not want to miss.

A Man’s Requiem premiered at the World Festival of National Theaters in Korea and has successfully toured extensively Through nine Countries and South Korea and the United States.

KIM Yong Chul’s Seop Dance Company was established in 1992 by choreographer Kim Yong Chul and is rooted in Korean traditional dance. It’s mission is to make more creative Korean contemporary dance for International audiences.

易懂而又发人思考,能够让新的观众和熟悉当代舞蹈的观众都十分投入欣赏。一个男人的镇魂歌挖掘了一个罪人在审判日的深刻思考。它是一个你不会想要错过的对于韩国佛教、天主教信仰的现代诠释。一个男人的镇魂歌首演于韩国的世界国家剧院艺术节并且成功地在九个国家巡演过并在韩国加演以及两次在美国演出。 编舞:Kim Yong Chul 舞者:13-15名 巡演团队:18-20名

It accessible yet challenging – thoroughly enjoyable for both newcomers to and veterans of contemporary dance – REQUIEM FOR A MAN explores the idea of powerful judgment day of a sinner is a modern interpretation of the belief system of Buddhist / Christian Korea You not want to miss. REQUIEM FOR A MAN premiered at the World Festival of National Theaters in Korea and has traveled nine countries successfully and extensively through South Korea and twice through the United States.
Choreographer: Kim Yong Chul
Dancers: 13-15
Touring Total: 18-20