Red Kite, Brown Box

Red Kite, Brown Box is a joyful experience designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum and their families.

At Red Kite, Brown Box, children will first meet Papa Nick, a loving father who has just moved his family into their brand new home. Trouble is, Papa Nick’s kids are having a hard time going to sleep, because they would rather explore and find treasures in the empty moving boxes still strewn around the house. A series of sensory events follows, each bracketed by Papa Nick trying to get the children to sleep, all created with textures, sound and lights, including a pillow fight, a dance party, playing with flashlights in a tent, and a car wash. Red Kite, Brown Box culminates with a relaxing lullaby and the whole theatre space filling with stars – points of light gently moving outward to create a calm, dream-state event that fills everyone with wonder.

Upon arrival, visitors to Red Kite, Brown Box, inspired by the book Not a Box by Antoinette Portis, will be greeted by caring, specially trained Chicago Children’s Theatre staff and artists whose mission is to make each child feel comfortable, safe and welcome. Every performance of Red Kite, Brown Box is tailored to the unique needs of children affected by autism in each audience, and offers a multi-sensory adventure that encourages children to move, laugh, talk, sing and interact with the artists – not sit still and keep quiet. Plenty of inviting and stimulating experiences await all children, no matter how they want to participate.

In order to create a greater sense of ease and engagement, a specially made social story will be made available for sharing prior to the children arriving for the performance.  A visual itinerary is also used throughout the adventure to keep children feeling informed and secure to help alleviate stress and anxiety related to having a new experience.

红风筝,棕色盒子专为自闭症儿童和他们的家人设计,为他们带去愉快的观剧体验。这两个剧目受到Antoinette Portis的书《不是一个盒子》启发。观众会由受过专业训练的芝加哥儿童剧院的工作人员悉心照料。而艺术家的责任是让每一个小朋友感到舒适,安全和受欢迎。每一场演出都为每一个观众独特的需求而作出调整,希望能够给小朋友带去多重感官的一场冒险的体验,让他们去欢笑,交流,歌唱以及和艺术家互动。

ROJO KITE, BROWN BOX es una alegre experiencia específicamente diseñada para los niños que se encuentran dentro del espectro del autismo y sus familias. ROJO KITE, BROWN BOX está inspirado por el libro “Not A Box” de Antoinette Portis. Los visitantes son recibidos con el cuidado del, especialmente capacitado, personal del Teatro Infantil de Chicago y artistas cuya misión es hacer que cada niño se sienta cómodo, seguro y bienvenido. Cada actuación se adapta a las necesidades únicas de cada audiencia, y ofrece una aventura multisensorial que anima a los niños a moverse, reír, hablar, cantar e interactuar con los artistas.