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Phare Circus

“Phare is no ordinary circus, but an edgy, alternative, down-to-earth, all-singing-and-dancing Cambodian circus in the tradition of Cirque du Soleil.” – CNN

Uniquely Cambodian. Daringly Modern. More than just a circus, Phare, the Cambodian Circus performers use theater, music, dance and modern circus arts to tell uniquely Cambodian stories; historical, folk and modern. The young circus artists will astonish you with their energy, emotion, enthusiasm and talent.

Phare artists are graduates of the Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus School in Battambang, Cambodia. The school was founded in 1994 by nine young men returning home from a refugee camp after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime. They had taken art therapy courses at the camp and wanted to share the power of art to heal among the poor, socially deprived and troubled youth in Battambang. They started with drawing classes taught to a handful of students. Soon they opened a public school, then a music school, theatre school and circus school. Today more than 1,200 pupils attend the public school daily and 500 attend the vocational arts training programs.


Khmer Village
*Khmer Village is appropriate for children’s festivals and family programming.

An extraordinary take on ordinary Cambodian life. Routine is transformed into remarkable. Fun, family entertainment with jaw-dropping acrobatics, hand-to-hand balance, partner contortion, juggling and other astonishing circus techniques accompanied by high-energy live music. Experience circus Cambodia-style as Phare artists bring their unique energy and passion to the stage.

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Khmer Metal

One evening in a grungy Phnom Penh bar, owner Bang Son and his brother Chhaya reign over the bar’s regulars, watching as they look for adventure, passion and love in all the wrong places. A man is seduced away from his girlfriend by an alluring stranger. A waiter gets caught in an unexpected romance. A customer’s iPad is stolen and sold back to him. A mix of humor, drama, heart pounding live rock music and breathtaking acrobatics circus acts ‘Khmer Metal’ turns social convention on its head and gives the audience a glimpse of the wilder side of urban Cambodia.

The storyline, music and acts of ‘Khmer Metal’ were created in a unique collaborative process between international choreographers and Cambodian performers. The show presents a realistic, gritty, yet still upbeat view of present-day Cambodian life and the cast features nine Cambodian artists–six acrobats and three musicians. It is an opportunity for American audiences to see something completely different, a truly spectacular, rousing, energizing, and sometimes surprising performance by a group of highly trained, talented artists.
*Khmer Metal is meant for ages 18+ (college age and adults).

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Phare杂技团的杂技演员全部来自柬埔寨马德望市Phare Ponleu Selpak杂技学校。这所学校是在1994年柬埔寨红色高棉政权下台后,由9位集中营生还者所建立。在集中营期间,他们曾接受过艺术教育,他们希望通过艺术的力量能够给马德望地区贫穷的,被社会所迫害的年轻人带来一丝希望。学校最初只开设了绘画课程,且学生寥寥无几。不久之后学校扩大规模,开设了公共课程,音乐,戏剧和杂技课程。如今有超过1200名学生在校学习,其中有500名学生参加职业艺术培训课程。





一部展现柬埔寨普通人生活的非凡之作。平凡但精彩。令人膛目结舌的杂技,平衡术, 柔术,戏法,同时伴有动感的现场音乐,适合全家共赏。具有柬埔寨特色的Phare杂技演员必将用他们独特的能量和热情点燃舞台。




《高棉金属》讲述的是发生在金边市一个蹩脚的酒吧的故事。酒吧老板Bang Sonhe 他的兄弟Chhaya如帝王般注视着那些在酒吧这个错误的地方寻找刺激,激情和爱情的常客。一个男人因诱惑而离开他的女朋友;一个服务生在获得意料之外浪漫时被抓;另外一个人的Ipad被盗,却又被别人卖给他。整个节目融合了幽默,戏剧冲突,震撼人心的现场摇滚乐以及惊心动魄的杂技技巧。《高棉金属》 完全颠覆了社会习俗,把柬埔寨城市的狂野一面呈现给观众。