Nan Jombang Dance

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Rantau Berbisik (Whisperings of Exile) is high family drama abstracted into the language of a unique contemporary dance form based upon the martial arts and folk traditions of Minangkabau, Indonesia. The dance opens to find a family somewhere in exile in the Indonesian archipelago. Through dance, body percussion and chant the daily grind of preparing and serving food, remaining open from early morning till late night, 7 days a week is explored. In this pressured environment we see family emotions and conflicts exposed. The pressure comes to a head with the visit of the mother.
In the unique matrilineal society of Minagkabau, from a very young age, boys are raised to believe that it is their destiny to migrate across the archipelago and to make their fortunes before returning home. The dominant industry for Minangkabau migrants is food, with thousands and thousands of Nasi Padang food stalls, restaurants and catering companies scattered across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Some Minang become rich, establishing vast restaurant chains and catering businesses while others eek out an life from food stalls and small restaurants.

Founded in 1983 by Choreographer Ery Mefri, Nan Jombang Dance is Indonesia’s leading contemporary dance company. Based in Padang, West Sumatra, Nan Jombang Dance is rooted in Minangkabau (West Sumatra, Indonesia) traditions of martial arts, dance and percussion. The company strives to preserve local tradition alongside contemporary practice.

Nan Jombang Dance upholds endurance, rigorous discipline and integrity not only on stage and in the rehearsal room but as core philosophies that have steered the company through numerous hardships including the 2009 Padang earthquake that destroyed their rehearsal space and claimed the lives of over 1000 people, injuring a further 3000. With the first international tour in 2004, Nan Jombang have steadily developed into an internationally renowned contemporary company with a thriving choreographic centre and theatre venue, Ladang Tari on the edge of Padang, Sumatra. The company operates as both an international dance company with a significant body of work and also as a pivotal facilitator of community programs, including mentoring, classes and local and international festivals. The company plays an invaluable role within the West Sumatran community and the landscape of contemporary Indonesian performing arts.

Choreographer: Ery Mefri

放逐的耳语是一场家庭剧。独特的当代舞蹈淬炼自武术和印度尼西亚米纳卡步的民俗传统。有一家人在印度尼西亚的廖内群岛流浪。放逐的耳语通过舞蹈,肢体的碰撞和吟唱挖掘了 在一个压抑的环境下一家人每周每天从早到晚准备食物的个体的动态。 编舞:Ery Mefri 舞者:5名 巡演团队:9人

Rantau BERBISIK (susurros del EXILIO) es un drama familiar abstraído al lenguaje de una danza contemporánea única, basada en las artes marciales y las tradiciones populares de Minangkabau, Indonesia. Una familia está en el exilio en alguna parte del archipiélago indonesio. A través de la danza, la percusión corporal y susurros canto DE EXILIO explora las dinámicas individuales en un entorno de presión donde la familia se prepara y sirve comida durante todo el día, desde la mañana hasta la noche, todos los días de la semana. Coreógrafo: Ery Mefri Bailarines: 5 Touring Total: 9