Molly Ringwald

“The spin she brings to the American Songbook is thoroughly contemporary.”
– The New York Times

Molly Ringwald acts, writes books, and sings jazz. She tours a crowd pleasing concert act “An Evening with Molly Ringwald” with her quartet to venues Worldwide. Since her debut Jazz album on Concord Records was released in April 2013. Ringwald and her band have performed over 200 concerts in seven countries since its release.

An actress of stage and screen, Ringwald earned a Golden Globe nomination at age thirteen, and went on to star in numerous films, including the iconic films Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. On stage, Ringwald starred in Broadway productions of the Pulitzer Prize winning How I Learned to Drive; the revival of Cabaret; Tony-nominated Enchanted April and the West End production of When Harry Met Sally. Ms. Ringwald is now touring her concert act celebrating her first jazz album called “Except Sometimes”.

莫莉林沃德会表演,会写书也会演唱。她得巡回音乐会“和莫莉林沃德共度的夜晚”十分受欢迎。自从她在2013年由Concord唱片发行出道专辑,林沃德在八个国家进行了上百场音乐会演出。作为一个舞台及银幕演员,林沃德在13岁时就获得了金球奖提名,并在无数的电影中献演,包括知名的《早餐俱乐部》和《红粉佳人》。在舞台上,林沃德参演了众多剧目中又百老汇重演的“卡巴莱”以及由West End制作的“当哈利遇上萨利”。

Molly Ringwald actúa, escribe libros, y canta música. Ella recorre un concierto agradable llamado “Una noche con Molly Ringwald”. Desde que su álbum de debut en Concord Records fue lanzado en 2013 Ringwald ha realizado cientos de conciertos en 8 países. Una actriz de teatro y cine, Ringwald valió una nominación al Globo de Oro a los trece años, y protagonizó numerosas películas, incluyendo el icónico “The Breakfast Club”, y “La chica de rosa”. En el escenario, Ringwald ha protagonizado en el renacimiento de Broadway de “Cabaret” y la producción del West End de “Cuando Harry encontró a Sally”, entre otros.