Kun-Yang Lin

Kun-Yang Lin, Artistic Director of KYL/D

Taiwan-born Lin is an artist-educator who dances in the spaces between East and West, the visible and invisible, innovation and tradition, the individual and collective.  Among the primary impulses nourishing his artistry are Buddhist and Taoist world views and the internal energetic flows of many Eastern arts he has practiced over the years including tai chi, chi gong, calligraphy, meditation and Chinese opera movement filtered through extensive training and performance experience across a broad range of contemporary dance techniques and improvisation practices and framed by ongoing cross-cultural research in dance as a medium for the integration of body, spirit and mind.  Lin’s journey as an immigrant navigating tensions between his Eastern/traditional roots and his contemporary interests and embodied research inform his view of dance as a calling that transcends particular labels, shapes and movement.  Lin’s artistry has been presented worldwide, from Lincoln Center to Jacob’s Pillow to the Tanzmesse International Dance Festival, and has received support from leading funders of the arts including the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation, the Independence Foundation and the Jerome Robbins Foundation.

About Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers

Hailed for its superbly trained dancers and inventive choreography, the internationally-active, South Philadelphia-based  KYL/D is committed to practicing a fearless physicality that resonates with the soul,  to probing questions that shape us as individuals and communities and to inviting audiences to engage in their own journeys of self-discovery.  Proceeding from a rich frame informed by living traditions, contemplative practices and diverse philosophies of Asian origin, the company creates contemporary dances that transcend cultural boundaries. Artistic Director Lin’s zen-inspired practice of dance manifests in lush works of poetic sensibility that The New York Times says “create and inhabit worlds of their own..  More info at kyld.org






出生于台湾的林坤旸在东西方中各种有形和无形的、创新和传统、,个体和群体的空间进行创作,源于佛家和道家的深厚内涵是他舞蹈的精神源泉,他多年来练习太极、气功、书法、冥想、传统戏剧等,这也为他在以当代舞蹈为媒介进行创作带来了更多跨文化元素。作为一个亚裔移民,他的舞蹈超越了传统与当代、东方和西方之间的特定标签,在世界范围内引起越来越多关注:从Lincoln Center t到Jacob’s Pillow 再到Tanzmesse International Dance Festival,不同地区的舞蹈节都有他的身影。并且得到了包括the National Endowment for the Arts,,the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage,the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation,the Independence Foundation and the Jerome Robbins Foundation众多基金会的鼎力支持。