Come and view life through Ethan’s eyes with ‘Kaleidoscope’ a joyous, poetic circus experience that explores the great beauty found in the smallest things. Ethan Wharton-Langridge was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at four years of age. Because of this syndrome Ethan perceives the world differently and unwittingly, invited his mother to view his world with him. Joanna described stepping into Ethan’s world as ‘the joy of walking through shafts of colour and light; a dazzling kaleidoscope’. She wrote a book about her experiences with Ethan that inspired the creation of Kaleidoscope the show, a work that allows Ethan to express himself, through a physical form he loves, circus.

Kaleidoscope is produced by Company 2 and is a sensory sensitive performance the whole family can enjoy. Based on Ethan a young boy who lives with Asperger Syndrome, Kaleidoscope, is an awe-inspiring circus show that will bring to life the colour, chaos and incredible beauty of Ethan’s every day. Under the direction of Chelsea McGuffin, Kaleidoscope, is the collaboration of a unique boy, an inspiring story and the lyrical world of circus arts. A celebration of young people’s stories and the acceptance of difference.

Company 2
Chelsea McGuffin and David Carberry of Company 2, have demonstrated success at developing commercially viable performance works, with their award winning performances Cantina, Scotch & Soda and She Would Walk The Sky seen across Australia and internationally. An Australian based company who bring circus, dance and live music to the stage. Creating theatrical experiences which soak the senses. They have a long history working with youth circus and a passion for bring young artists stories to the stage.

About the author – Johanna Wharton
I bring a poetic edge to the project as I interpret ordinary life through a lyrical eye and serendipitous adventures. I Iove my two sons, my camera, my notebook… and catching rays of light each day.

‘I want to go into the truth of life’ Ethan Langridge


让我们一起跟随Ethan的眼睛“万花筒”来观察生活中令人愉悦的,诗化马戏般的经历,来发现小事物中的美好。Ethan Wharton-Langridge在4岁时被诊断出患有阿斯伯格综合症。由于他的病症,Ethan对世界的观察是不同的且无意识的,并邀请他的妈妈来观看他眼中的世界。Joann对进入到Ethan的世界是这样描述的“行走在色彩和光束中的愉悦;犹如绚烂的万花筒”。Joanna将与Ethan在一起的经历出版成书,这也成了“万花筒”这个作品的创意来源,同时也让Ethan通过自己最喜欢的马戏,来表达自己对世界的认知。

“万花筒”是由Company 2公司创作的,适合全家人一起观赏的极具感官性的表演。“万花筒”的故事是取材于一个身患阿斯伯格综合症男孩的马戏表演,将Ethan日常生活中的色彩,混乱和无与伦比之美呈现在舞台上。“万花筒”由Chelsea McGuffin指导,是一个具有特性男孩的故事与马戏相结合的表演,是对年亲人的故事和大众接纳度的歌颂。

Company 2 介绍
Chelsea McGuffin 和 David Carberry通过在澳大利亚和国际上为他们带来奖项的作品“Cantina”, “Scotch & Soda” 和 “She Would Walk The Sky”,向世人证明他们在原创剧上所取得的成功。Company 2是一家具有马戏表演,舞蹈与现场音乐的澳大利亚公司。Company 2一直致力于和年轻的马戏师合作以及将年轻的艺术家故事搬上舞台。

作家-Johanna Wharton
Ethan Langridge –“我想探究生命的真相”