Haya Band

HAYA BAND & Migration Concert

Founded in 2006, HAYA Band is an award-winning world music collective representing a new era in folk music. The group has won many accolades, including from the China Music Awards (Best World Music Performance) and the Chinese Media Awards.

They have also received the Taiwan Golden Melody Award for “Best Crossover Music” on two occasions, and their album Silent Skiesis the best-selling soul/world music album of all time in Taiwan.

Composer Tan Dun, a fan of HAYA, says, “Listening to their music, your body feels like the Earth, your blood like the rivers, your eyes like the sky. They search constantly among traditional and contemporary music for the sound of the human soul. What HAYA expresses is not only their understanding of modern Mongolian music, but also their passion for nature, and the voice of their hearts.”

Migration Concert

“Migration” is about searching for one’s own spiritual home, experiencing the beauty of life itself, and returning to a simplistic, survivalist lifestyle. HAYA Band’s “Migration” Concert employs innovative musical language alongside classic traditional songs, fusing a variety of musical elements such as chants, the Mongolian horsehead fiddle, plucked string instruments, throat singing, and shaman drums. Their music is refined and captivating. Their shows have a distinct “ceremonious” feel. Migration provides us with a path for escape from this fast-paced modern world, a contemporary migration to another realm, one surrounded by the wonders of nature and life.

Duration: 90 min