Hands Percussion

The following artist(s) are part of the MyKA roster. MyKA is your cultural connection to Southeast Asia.

Hands Percussion, a renowned Malaysian percussion ensemble, has been creating a veritable bang in the music scene in Kuala Lumpur since 1997 with its ground breaking and innovative performances. The ensemble’s performances has been highly regarded and admired as they endeavour to preserve their cultural heritage while introducing new dimensions to theatrical drumming by venturing into contemporary percussion music and exploring different cultures. The team has produced and performed extensively in the arts scene as well as at corporate events. In the past few years, HANDS has been invited to perform overseas and have participated in the international art festivals, such as France, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Qatar, Dubai, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.


手集团,马来西亚著名打击乐团。自1997年在吉隆坡组团以来,其突破性和创新性的表演,得到广泛民众的重视和赞赏。手集团致力於发展传统南方师鼓的打击文化,试图把街头表演文化转型到专业剧场,同时亦引进新的元素,通过涉足剧场空间、东西方打击乐、肢体开发等层面,探索不同的舞台文化。手集团也是马来西亚首支自资及以企业方式来经营的专业敲击鼓团。2007年,手集团成立甘美兰组, 学习南洋乐器的美丽韵味,更深入的了解这片土地的文化,传统乐器的魅力。手集团甘美兰组曾获邀出席世界甘美兰艺术节,也曾与Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra同台演出。在过去的这些年里,手集团多次受邀到国外参与国际艺术节演出,所到之地包括:泰国、新加坡、台湾、香港、越南、荷兰、比利时、卡塔尔、澳洲、希腊、法国及美国。