Go Your Own Way: The Story of Christine McVie

On the eve of their long-awaited comeback tour, Fleetwood Mac’s most famous songwriter decided she would not give in to the pleas for her to rejoin the band. Instead, Christine McVie tweeted “Sorry folks. No tour.”

Always an intriguing figure, Christine McVie’s uniquely independent attitude to global fame, ridiculous wealth, love and loss, personal privacy, songwriting and music is at the heart of her story.

Spanning a career of four decades, the tumultuous life of the enigmatic Christine McVie is told in 80 music-packed minutes. Australia’s hottest new stage sensation, Catherine Alcorn (The Divine Miss Bette) brings her own magic to some of the most memorable songs from Christine McVie’s songbook, including Little Lies, Everywhere, Don’t Stop and Songbird.

Go Your Own Way is a celebration of great music and one woman’s life journey.

在歌迷期待已久的Fleetwood Mac乐团回归巡演前夕,乐队最著名的词曲创作者—Christine Mcvie决定她不会因歌迷的请求而重回乐队,相反的她却高调宣布“对不起伙计们,没有演出”。

Christine McVie一直以来都是一个有争议的人物,尤其是她看待自己享誉全球的知名度,巨大的财富累积,爱与失去,个人隐私和歌曲创作的独特态度,但是音乐永远是她人生的中心。

这80分钟的音乐作品里完美的诠释了Chiristine McVie跨越40年的演艺生涯和她神秘跌宕起伏的生活。作为澳大利亚最火热的歌手,Catherine Alcorn “The Divine Miss Better”用她自己的方式诠释了Christine McVie的作品,包括“Little Lies”, “Everywhere”,“ Don’t Stop” 和“ Songbird”。
“Go Your Own Way”是对伟大音乐和一个女人人生旅途的赞歌。