The Divine Miss Bette

Bawdy, brash and just as fabulous as the original, The Divine Miss Bette is your chance to become intimately acquainted with one of the greatest cabaret artists of our time. Trained by Steve Ostrow, the man who discovered Bette Midler, Alcorn will take you on a thrilling roller coaster ride back to the Palace Theatre, New York 1973.

She’ll belt out the divas early classics including Stay With Me Baby, You’re Moving Out Today, The Rose, Wind Beneath My Wings, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, and In The Mood.

“She’s bloody talented. She can sing. She can act. She has comic timing…the confidence, the unmitigated chutzpah…” – Crikey Sydney

“Between the tall tales, double entendre, and tongue-in-cheek vulgarity, the heartache behind the humour, most evident in Alcorn’s rendition of Am I Blue, elevates her titillating tribute to a tender triumph.” – The West Australian

Expect: A rollicking ride: a huge voice, with sass and heart to boot.

粗俗,傲慢正如原版一样的精彩,“The Divine Miss Bette”使得观众有机会领略我们这个时代最伟大卡巴莱艺术家之一的作品。由同样发掘Bette Midler的Steve Ostrow训练,Alcorn将带领观众回到1973年纽约宫殿剧场。

Alcorn将会热情演绎早期经典曲目包括“Stay With Me Baby”,“ You’re Moving Out Today”, “The Rose”, “Wind Beneath My Wings”, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, 和“ In The Mood”.

“Alcorn极具天赋。她可以演唱,可以表演。她也具有戏剧才能……自信,完完全全放的开去表演”—Crikey Sydney
“观众可以从Alcorn演绎的《Am I Blue》中领略到荒诞不经的故事,双关语,半开玩笑的粗俗语言以及幽默过后心痛的神态。所有这些正是她成功的因素”—The West Australian