Collusion Desirelines

Collusion is Australia’s own original fine art music and dance ensemble. Together for 14 years, this group of award-winning chamber music musicians, in collaboration with composers and a choreographer and dancers, bring together exceptionally strong performances. Collusion is continually developing new repertoire of very high quality while underpinning its programming with heart, beauty and warmth. Flexible in size and content, collaborating to make large shows, and bespoke intimate experiences as well, Collusion fits its performances to suit its audiences. Collusion enjoys sharing its concerts and performances with audiences of all ages and cultural persuasions. From the smart end of town, with Queensland Ballet, at the Australasian Clarinet and Saxophone Convention, International Music Council World Music Forum, and Crossbows Festival to the magical world of imagination and joy at centres for people with disabilities and other community settings and schools. In 2014, Collusion had several shows on tour from the core quartet to our largest ensemble work, Transient Beauty. In 2015 Collusion partnered with the Brisbane Festival and the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts to present the spellbinding Desirelines. The Chamber Ballet for 3 musicians and 4 dancers by Australia’s leading contemporary Ballet Choreographer Gareth Belling; with concept design by Collusion’s Benjamin Greaves was critically acclaimed.

Collusion是来自澳大利亚优秀的音乐舞蹈团,由多位著名的室内音乐家,作曲家,编舞和舞者于14年前成立,并共同创作了多部优秀作品。Collusion一直坚持热情,用心创作完美高品质作品。为适应不同观众的需求,Collusion的作品在创作规模和内容方面很灵活,并根据需要创作大型节目和量身定做节目。Collusion非常愿意跟不同年龄和文化信仰的观众分享所创作的作品。Collusio与昆士兰芭蕾舞团在不同地区和艺术节进行过多次表演,像一些小城镇,澳大利亚竖笛和萨克斯交流会,国际音乐委员会论坛,Crossbows音乐节,社区,学校以及专门为残障人士表演等。2014年Collusion进行的几次巡演,其中包括核心节目四重奏和规模最大的作品-Transient Beauty. 2015年Collusion与布里斯班艺术节以及Judith Wright当代艺术中心联合推出了令人着迷的室内芭蕾舞作品-Desirelines。其创作来源于Benjamin Greaves,由澳大利亚著名的芭蕾舞编舞Gareth belling制作, 成员包括3位音乐家和4位舞者。