Changmu Dance Company

Kim MaeJa’s ChangMu Dance Company

ChangMu Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Kim MaeJa, was founded in December 1976 for the dual purpose of reconstructing dance movement representative of the various periods of Korean history and of creating new movements and formats that reflect the thought and lifestyle of our contemporary world. In the years since its establishment, ChangMu troupe has initiated a transformation of Korean dance through innovative choreography that introduces new dance vocabularies and creative combinations of dance movement with poetry and painting. This has stimulated a revitalization of creativity in Korean dance, enriching its resources with new idioms of movement and from. Yet all of this creativity and innovation is based firmly on the solid foundation of the troupe’s mastery of all aspects of traditional Korean dance, including shaman dance, Buddhist dance, folk dance, and court dance. The Kim MaeJa ChangMu Dance Company’s dancers have the introduced the world to the spirit and artistry of Korean dance at many world venues and events, touring 100 cities in 20 countries during the past 35 years. Places where they have performed include the Deutsche Opera Berlin, the Cairo Opera House, Kremlin Congress Hall, and the Kirov Theatre, plus the Lyon Dance Biennial and other world festivals.