Ambiguous Dance Company

In every person’s life, there exists a personal rhythm, though one might not feel it. RHYTHM OF HUMANS expresses the modern Korean man, who seeks his own rhythm within society. Each individual courageously strives to seek his own rhythm. Dance transforms simple movements into expressions of life’s rhythm. Dancing is not only for dancers; we all live as though dancing.

About Ambiguous Dance Company
Ambiguous Dance Company was founded by choreographer Kim Bo-ram and dancer Jang Kyeong-min in 2008. The name of the group describes the “undefinable and ambiguous” characteristics in terms of style, aesthetics, genres, and preconceptions. The group expresses what is in their hearts through bodily movement and music. Rather than focusing on delivering an artistic message or meaning, they intend to convey the true nature and purity of humanity, believing that the bodily expression of music and dance form the most accurate and truest language.

在每个人的生命中都有一个旋律。人类的韵律展现一个现代韩国人在社会中寻找属于他的旋律。每一个个体都在拼命寻找他自己的节奏。这场舞蹈通过简单的动作去表达人生的节奏。舞蹈并不只属于舞者,我们每个人活着都是在舞蹈。 标题:人类的韵律 编舞:KIM Bo-ram 舞者:5名 巡演团队:8人

En la vida de cada persona, existe un ritmo personal. RITMO DE LOS HUMANOS expresa el hombre coreano moderno, que busca su propio ritmo dentro de la sociedad. Cada individuo se esfuerza con valentía por buscar su propio ritmo. La danza transforma movimientos simples en expresiones de ritmo. Baile de la vida es no sólo para los bailarines, todos vivimos como si el baile. Título: Ritmo de seres humanos Coreógrafo: KIM Bo-ram Bailarines: 5 Touring Total: 8