Amaara: Journey of Love

Navdhara India Dance Theatre‘s AMAARA: A JOURNEY OF LOVE is a contemporary dance theatre production by choreographer Ashley Lobo. AMAARA  takes you into a world of experiencing the body and mind as they fuse their way to nothingness – a love story that just is and always was.

In this work, the dancers, using his Prana Paint & Flow™ (a unique sensitizing approach developed by Ashley Lobo that explores movement through connectivity, yoga, breath, and touch), journey through themselves to explore their own identity and oneness – leaving the viewer with an experience that is felt rather than seen.

“ To say that Ashley Lobo’s Amaara is a true masterpiece of modern Indian Dance is an understatement – it’s a work of genius. They have raised the bar for every creative person working in India today. From the first beat to the last we were breathless.”   – Jeff Goldberg, Faculty Member, The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute (New York City, USA & Mumbai, India)

“ I had the pleasure of seeing this show and was blown away! Passion. Concept. Strength. Heart. Riveting! Compelling! Commitment. So wonderfully choreographed! ”    – Dionna PridGeon, Manager, Peridance Capezio Center (New York City, USA)



Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT) is a contemporary dance company based out of Mumbai, India, founded by Indian-Australian choreographer, Ashley Lobo. It was set up with the aim of helping out young dancers in India channelize their creative energies and to give them a platform to reach out and communicate with an international audience.

Combining the physical methodologies of western dance and the spiritual philosophies of India and Indian dance, including some thoughts from the ancient Indian gurukul system, NIDT seeks to allow newer methodologies and works of theatre and dance to come through. The focus is simplicity and communication. Sharing thoughts through this universal movement language, so all boundaries disappear and Navdhara or ‘new flow’ is achieved. To this end, all dancers have a strong western dance technique and this is then combined with indigenous tools like yoga, ancient Indian movement, meditations, and Indian classical and folk dance, to create a unique blend that just ‘is’. A movement style that is neither eastern nor western in nature, but completely universal. The only allegiance being to the truth of breath and prana or life energy.


The word ‘Navdhara’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words – nav meaning new and dhara meaning flow or stream. Navdhara India Dance Theatre seeks to do just that -‘allow’ art philosophy and movement to flow, rather than be boxed-in by the limitations of the word ‘create’. It comes from a deep belief that movement already exists and all that is needed is the word ‘allow’ or flow. The only truth being breath and prana or life energy.

《AMAARA:爱之旅》 由印度Navdhara舞蹈剧团编舞Ashley Lobo创作的一支当代舞。《AMAARA:爱之旅》带领观众进入一个身体与思想交融的虚无世界—那就是永恒的爱情故事。

在这个作品中,舞者通过Prana Paint & Flow™技术(由Ashley Lobo创立的独特的,以探索连接,瑜伽,气息和触感来带动舞蹈动作的方法),来探索自身的同一性与个性,带给观众视觉享受之外的一种体验。

“如果单纯的说Ashley Lobo创作的《AMAARA:爱之旅》是一部当代印度舞蹈佳作,未免有一点轻描淡写。它绝对可以算作天才之作。他们对印度当今的舞蹈创作人员树立了更高的标准。 从第一拍到结束,所有人全程都屏住呼吸”– Jeff Goldberg ,Lee Strasberg戏剧学院 (美国纽约 & 印度孟买)

“我很开心能够观看这次演出也完全被打动。演员的激情和力量,整个舞蹈的理念和引人注目,扣人心弦的情节。多美完美的舞蹈编排。”-Dionna PridGeon, Peridance Capezio Center (美国纽约)


Navdhara舞蹈剧团(NIDT)由印度裔澳大利亚人Ashley Lobo在印度孟买创立的当代舞蹈团。舞团创立的目的是为了帮助印度年轻舞者,引导他们的创作激情和能量,为他们提供面向国际受众的交流平台。