40 Songs, 40 Voices

The Citrus Singers offer a song-and-dance revue of the best of Broadway, past and present with popular Broadway songs from the time of Irving Berlin through this year’s Tony winners. 40 of the most familiar songs of the Great White Way performed by nearly 40 future stars of stage and screen.

Internationally renowned and universally admired, The Citrus Singers is a top college performing group in the United States and is often compared to groups at Yale and NYU. The Citrus Singers was founded in 1968 by Ben D. Bollinger. The vision of the group is to cultivate, refine, and develop talent, preparing future performers of stage and screen to ascend to the highest ranks of the music industry.

Many alumni of Citrus Singers are already performing on Broadway, in Las Vegas, at Disney and Universal theme parks worldwide, and in concert halls and theaters throughout the United States and Europe.

The Citrus Singers have performed across the globe with tours to Europe, South America, and China, as well as at the finest hotels in Hawaii.

On stage: 35-40 / Total touring party: 38-43

四十首歌四十个声音是百老汇有史以来最优秀的歌舞滑稽剧,集合了欧文柏林的时代到现今的托尼奖得奖作品中的百老汇热门歌曲。40首最为人熟知的歌曲由将近40个未来舞台和银屏的明星来演绎。Citrus歌唱团国际知名获得全球的认可,是美国最顶尖的大学表演团队。许多Citrus歌唱团的校友如今都在百老汇,拉斯维加斯,世界各地的主题公园和音乐厅表演。 演员:35-40人 巡演团队:38-43人

40 CANCIONES 40 VOCES es un recuento de canto y danza de lo mejor de Broadway, pasado y presente, con canciones populares de la época de Irving Berlin a través de los ganadores del Tony de este año. 40 de las canciones más conocidas presentan cerca de 40 futuras estrellas del escenario y la pantalla. Con renombre internacional y universalmente admirados, “Citrus Singers” es un grupo de nivel superior en las universidades de Estados Unidos. Muchos exalumnos de “Citrus Singers” se están realizando actualmente en Broadway, en Las Vegas, en los parques temáticos de todo el mundo y en las salas de conciertos a nivel internacional.
En el escenario: 35-40
Giras Total: 38-43